Hi, I’m Kishorekumar Neelamegam and am the Founder of “Megam Systems”. megam  makes “Live Cloud” software enabling business to consume Cloud Applications in minutes. Right now we are busy integrating Cloud Application using  a Cloud Identity provider.

I graduated from PSG College of Technology in 1995 with a degree in BE in electrical & electronics.

I previously worked with IBM in the area of System z build tools, and architecture (system integration of complex systems).

I started this blog as a way to share what I am learning with the rest of the world. I do code, I spend most of my time with Java, Ruby, but occasionally with Python, Erlang and Shell Scripting. I’m a huge believer in open-source software and have started projects in Github. I love the debian flavour – Ubuntu – Go Ubuntu !.

I love public speaking and have been privileged to give talks at Academia, DeveloperWorks events.

I grew up in virudhunagar and  currently live in chennaiIndia.

You can reach me at email : nkishore@megam.co.in (or) twitter : @indykish, our blog is alive blog.megam.co

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