Review of the book “Getting started with Gulp”

Hey readers,

I was asked to review the book “Getting started with Gulp“.  Ironically i was interested in reading it as we have an opensource project called Gulpd =>

To give you guys a background at  we have built nodejs and angularjs projects (,

Chapter 1

It started with Makefile and build system for Node.js. I got curious and started on it as it touched nodejs concepts on streams and pipes in unix. Being a functional guys (Yeah scala, scalaz..) i got interested on streams and the composition mechanism using pipe. But the only gripe I don’t see here is the traditional usage of Gulp as a build system, as it seems to do beyond. I couldn’t appreciate Gulp at this point, at i didn’t know the intricacies of it. We have build tools like bower to do the same. Wondered what Gulp did differently. For the heck of it i looked at bower it listed Gulp there too. hmm.. Mystery box.


Chapter 2

Still not clear on Gulp. It talks about setting up a nodejs project. Ah. Hah in page 37, it nails it. It almost like a Makefile with no wrinkles, java guys can relate to


Chapter 3

Talks about the various tasks that Gulp can perform.  Something like,

  1. Copy all the css files that i have, merge them into one all.css
  2. Convert sass files to css files and merge all of them.
  3. Watch for changes in the sass files and run the above automatically.

Chapter 4

This is more of integrating to node.js, Some of the common tasks like starting a server or hot reload of code in a browser can be performed by Gulp


There are lots of canned recipes available. Its available here.

Overall its a workflow based build tool. It would have been nice to expain the design requirements rather than just walking to the tasks/plugin etc.

Ideally the book could have covered one real example of ext.js or any other popular node.js project or even a hypothetical example project and converted it to  gulp and shown the benefit.

If you wish to buy this book. Please click the link here.


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