Saucy Salamander 13.10 is Spicy

In india we like spicy. 🙂 Updated on Nov 18, 2013.

But Spicy = NOT Good here.   After a bios upgrade, and the graphics display/fan replacement as my laptop was under warranty, the display doesn’t flicker now. Saucy is good, quiet and good to go.

What did i do. I tried two ways

I own HP-DV6 7010TX (16GB) laptop with Intel Core 7

1. Upgraded my raring,

2. Clean sheet install of saucy. Both produced the same results.

Ok. What is in it. 

Kernel updated to 3.11.

Reduced power consumption, better management of memory with improved speed. In reality I found that the laptop heated a bit less, performance was sluggish.   My laptop has NVidia optimus 635M. This kernel has Nvidia optimus driver, but upon installing it my XOrg behaved very cranky. My broadcom wireless behaves better, still the F12 toggle switch doesn’t work.

You can try proprietary nvidia-prime driver as shown here.

Screenshot from 2013-10-20 06:53:08

Screen capture

When i did a screen capture, it capture the screen + dual screen. I haven’t found a fix for it so far.

Copy to clipboard using mouse in doesn’t work. Manual work around use “CTRL + C”

LibreOffice 4.1

I liked this feature a lot. The slideshow has an option to preview the next slide side by side.


One picture with multiple line with arrows connecting to a box  edited using LibreOffice 4.0 in raring had the lines now mis-aligned when read in 4.1.


Minor tweak to match the theme, and menu added.

Eclipse Kepler

A minor tweak is needed in your .bashrc to make sure that the top menu option don’t disappear.



Fileroller isn’t stable.  After my upgrade to saucy I planned to do a clean install. To do so i wanted to move the important Dektop/ folder which is of size 2GB > to a backup. After moving it to the backup, i could see the folder there. Then with confidence I deleted the ~/Desktop/  and “safely removed my backup”. Now rebooting it, i didn’t find my backup with folder 😦

Tried to move other tar ball (2GB >), and all had minor issues either during the move where it didn’t complete or after the move it wouldn’t display in the FileBrowser .

This isn’t a problem with my backup drive, since it works rather neat with raring now.


We decided to stick with raring until the next LTS for the rest of the team which comes out with Mir. I have upgraded my laptop to 13.10 and it works cool. There are very minor gripes, which i can live with. Any way hoping to see   tushy tahr which has  PostgreSQL 9.3, Mir with an updated kernel.

I have noticed the *.10 releases in Ubuntu Suck, it happened the same in 12.10.

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