Screencast in Ubuntu using Openshot

This is certainly a hot topic. We were tasked with producing product evangelizing videos.

We choose




Microphone : Panasonic RK 217 (Cheap – Rs. 700)

It is recommended to use good condensor microphones.

There is a lot of hue & cry in the community about the stability of Openshot. Yes I do agree on that. There are no choices though. The truth is it ain’t stable, but you can use it in a limited way and make it work like a charm 🙂
Few tips that can help folks to make the hangs/crash limited.

Tip #1 Install with full dependency

The libmlt release as provided by ubuntu is downlevel, hence install it from the ppa as shown below.

rm -r  ~/.openshot
sudo apt-get remove ffmpeg
sudo apt-get purge ffmpeg
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jon-severinsson/ffmpeg
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libmlt5 libmlt-data libmlt++3 python-mlt5 melt libsox-fmt-all
sudo apt-get upgrade libmlt5 libmlt-data libmlt++3 python-mlt5 melt libsox-fmt-all
sudo apt-get install ladspa-sdk
sudo apt-get Install frei0r-plugins
sudo apt-get install blender
sudo apt-get install inkscape

Tip #2

When you preview your edited video follow these steps.

Press the play icon

To stop Press “||”

Don’t pull the slider marked “Green” below the video preview. That is buggy.

Press << to take back to zero.

You can play it back again. The timeline slider worked well. But I always used “<<” to restart the video to “zero marker”. That worked reliably.


Tip #3

Export to the video formats from here. This had no issues.


Tip #4

I recorded the audio independently in “audacity” and fed it in the Video. When you insert something, its better to save your “Openshot file”. I experienced hangs/freeze at random points.

Final Edited Video

I tried piti, novacut, avidemux, lightworks to experience worse behavior. 

I am yet to try openmovieeditor. I would like to hear the communities views on a better editor


2 thoughts on “Screencast in Ubuntu using Openshot

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