Libreoffice 4.0 Upgrade – Ubuntu 12.10/Unity Integration

Ok. Next stop was to upgrade libreoffice to 4.0, I couldn’t wait till raring arrives.

Step 1.

You need to remove/purge your current libreoffice installs.

$ sudo apt-get remove purge  libreoffice-core

Pretty much followed the steps in here. ie. download and install the packages(*.debs) under the untarred libreoffice package/DEBS directory and the /DEBS/desktop_integration using

sudo dpkg -i *.debs

Step 2.

To get the icons integrated with unity, here is the link. I followed the same instructions, ie. downloaded the lo-menubar package(0.1.1) from here.

The dconf-tool is already available in 12.10.

So I just ran this command and changed the following.


You’ll have to click the value in “favourites”, double click with your mouse, add the ones that have libreoffice* in the below snippet. It was difficult to edit in the tool, so i modified it in gedit, and replaced the contents in dconf-tool.

['application://nautilus-home.desktop', 'application://firefox.desktop', 'application://libreoffice4.0-writer.desktop', 'application://libreoffice4.0-calc.desktop', 'application://libreoffice4.0-impress.desktop', 'application://gnome-terminal.desktop', 'application://gedit.desktop', 'unity://expo-icon', 'unity://running-apps', 'unity://devices']

My left sidebar looks like this, if you have more stuff, then customize the above favorites accordingly. sidebar


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