Hiring experience of a startup : Megam systems.

Our requirements were 2 programmers to work with us. The important aspect prior to hiring is to ask <=% Have the vision/concept been broken down to work streams, what will be the role of these developers when they come and work for us ? %=> We had a purpose decided and hence sought out to look for 2 programmers.

Where to start ?

First we did use “Word of mouth”, “twitter”, “facebook” but of no success. It is advisable to go after the “Zone of influence” for the specific gravitation pull you are looking for. In this case “candidates” looking out for jobs. We didn’t want to hire experienced folks, freshers are motivated and will pick up things faster.  We started with Quickr (June 9 – 22) with very less results. Moved over to Naukri  which showed phenomenal results and advertised in hasGeek at a later stage.  Recommendation go with Naukri, hasGeek , other fresher job sites which yield better results. Again, with no formal office there has to be a way to quickly narrow down candidates. We used the approach in requesting folks to write code. We didn’t care if they googled, but made sure they understood what the heck they were doing.

In summary, 2300 + applicants, trying to solve our problem.

Problem 1 : Refer solution as provided by candidates in our “Hiring results link“. Additionally we found lexical parsers could have helped the candidates.

Problem 2 : Refer solution as provided by candidates in our “Hiring results link“. This is fairly a simple one, and there are multiple ways in solving it. A candidate solved using  “Face book app using heroku. Other solutions are Railcasts : #360, Singly api, Build a front end using Foundation.zurb and use Facebook for ruby (koala) and so on…

Our hiring experience

It is more of an incubated hiring, whereby we ask programmers to solve problems and send us code. During the initial days we only asked folks to submit code in Java/Ruby with meek results. Quickly we changed the model to any language and C/C++ being the most popular we found traction starting up. The solution submitted by candidates may not be 100% complete but we build relationship, mentor, help them and see if they would fit in our environment. We found this startup hiring experience link more appropriate, although we didn’t ask folks to solve a real world problem. We pretty much stayed away from folks looking at monetary package/somebody who says I know a lot, and too many questions before you start something. So attitude is an important factor and react ability to coaching is important as well.

Our advice to freshers.

Get on the bandwagon of Linux (ubuntu, fedora, Debian,Slackware,Linuxmint, …etc) and learn python or ruby, start programming using a good editor or ide (gedit, eclipse, netbeans, Emacs, vim etc..) and establish your social programming identity in “GitHub“.codeschool offers free learning for Ruby as well. If interested in contributing to the community, click here. We couldn’t read through most of the resumes, so build credibility as listed above and write that in-line facts in the email when you send to a firm. The in-line facts can be “I solved abcd problem for this open source software, you can see my fix in the github.com repository”. That helps a firm to shortlist or even call you from a pool of 2000+ resumes.

Keep watching our blog, we will announce “request for volunteers” who can work on interesting ideas using singly, fullcontactapi and a IaaS projects focused on VM migration for interns using Erlang. If you are interested in the above send us a tweet @indykish.


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