Cloud Identity and SaaS

As SaaS evolves one of the foremost consideration is to abstract identity and provisioning. Today’s market is dominated by PingIdentity. PingIdentity offer a container wrapped around with connectors which can move across on-premise (or) public ally hosted in PaaS. We truly need a way in which all the hastles of SAML, SSO federation setup and administration are removed and businesses can focus on a single click consumption of identity in cloud as a service.

This provides SaaS vendors to focus on building and creating core business artifact to serve their customers and leveraging the rest of the services from cloud.

For instance to name a few,  the following are the cloud services available.

  1. Identity provider (PingIdentity, onelogin, symplifiedIT, Intel 360…and several others)
  2. for messaging
  3. cloud passage (security)
  4. Notification (SMS….)
  5. IT functions like (CRM from Sugar CRM, Salesforce,Workday, Successfactor, Webex, ….)
  6. Loggly (logging)
  7. Data APIs (includes social) – from programmableweb
  8. ….

With the above in context and gartner says “Rehost – we are probably on the rehost phase” where enterprises try and move to PaaS, and as business evolve “Refactor” would commence to better integrate with other SaaS services available.

  1. I truly believe an open source cloud identity followed by user provisioning is a good starting point, which can follow through to realize a SaaS Infrastructure platform.
  2. In my subsequent blogs I will discuss some of the learnings we did to build a ruby on rails portal,
  3. Setting up of an open source Identity provider using openam in amazon. openam is truly an amazing product from erstwhile sun microsystems (opensso).
  4. Review of the Openam book by Indira 
  5. Our  next steps and the journey for this year.

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