Ubuntu 11.10

I have been using Ubuntu 11.10 for a month now.  I removed the preloaded Window 7, since various developer tools are available for linux. I like the Mac style one click big icon docky. Ofcourse in ubuntu, this is termed Unity and is docked horizontally. I first found it difficult to accomodate to the style where when an application runs, its toolbar becomes available on the so called “Start Toolbar”. This is new for non Mac folks. I spent an hour after installing eclipse to bring the toolbar back 🙂

Finally found the change the in behaviour.

The other feature I like is the icon which shows a mini progress bar.

The next behaviour I like is the display of grouped application instances. For instance here,  I have 3 firefox instance up and running. When I click the firefox icon, it request me which one I would like to choose.

To install new application, there is a new Ubuntu software center.

Finally the mailclient – Thunderbird comes out of the box with the configuration for gmail. I haven’t setup yahoo. There is a plugin which displays mail threads in a conversational view.

The Unity horizontal docky also lets you search/choose other application that aren’t there in the horizontal docky.

The datacard – tata indicom works out of the box. Where as my reliance data card requires a script. Libre office sounds ok, but some of the MS Office 10 documents/presentations aren’t compatible. I can still live with it. In my subsequent blog, I will talk about the my development platform, install of ruby, python which have become my favourites…


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