Pinguy OS 11.10

Was looking for a good Ubuntu based distro. Happened to install and play around with Pinguy OS 11.10 Beta. This is beta now.  I downloaded the 64 bit version. Download and install went fine.  The reason I planned to move away from Ubuntu was the fact the “Windows XP type startup bar” was removed and replaced with a horizontal dockbar called Unity. The linux community had rants/hue and cry. I don’t want to startup that war on which is better.

My choices were LinuxMint, and Pinguy OS 11.10. I didn’t like the LinuxMint when i did a test run. I liked the mac like Dock bar in Pinguy OS.

I don’t have screen shots of Pinguy OS 11.10. I found the Docky being pretty handy. The system wasn’t stable with the cursor loosing its focus, say for instance when I tried to type on the wordpress or my email, the focus would go to some where else. Yes I didn’t have a fat finger.. So it was pretty annoying. There were other instances where the screen would freeze, and I had to reboot to get around it. After a week of playing around I found I can get around the freeze by switching from the mouse I was using to the touchpad in my laptop.

The key change in Gnome shell 3.0 is that the top toolbar is now being used to dock an “Application’s” toolbar. I found it after while when my eclipse editor didn’t have a toolbar to select (File -> Exit) etc.. imagine that. This is good, I like it. But the menu loaded quite slow. I don’t recommend it for a developer/advanced user of Linux to go for Pinguy 11.10.

After couple weeks of installing everything and setting it up, I found it pointless in running with Pinguy OS 11.10 and move to Ubuntu. I will blog about my Ubuntu setup in my next one.



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