Google’s – New Privacy Policy

Been quite for a while both on the work and at home. Happy New Year.

Interesting things happening this year and will blog more often. I wanted to voice my opinion on the new privacy law which Google is trying to push.  I think either way we are ready to share info about our desires, where we were, what we did to a closed set of community. Internet itself is public, I hate to say and believe that Internet can’t be open and private. We do have the power now to selectively open and share content (thanks to OAuth).  This will trickle up to content getting shared seamlessly where you actually don’t know that you shared.

10 years ago, I never would know what somebody’s else kid did in a competition. Today I have that info with picture/video. The data that might say where you are and what you did would be huge in the future. Facebook, Google, Myspace, and lot others already have that data. Its just a matter of time it becomes public, and Oh ! I do support it..and probably don’t care.

Prediction and adding analytic is good, but it may get carried away in different directions in the future as the “Internet of things” picks up.

“Will smiths running around in road –  “The Enemy of the State”” not knowing what is happening.


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