Eucalyptus Install – CC

Ok. I started installing the CC. I followed the instructions in

My base operating system was Ubuntu – Maverick, desktop.

The CLC ip configuration are as follows.

hostname  :clcappzoo ipaddress:

Run upto step 3 in the above link.

I answered the debconf’s questions as follows:

  • Configure postfix for internet delivery
  • Name your cluster
    • e.g. appzoocluster
  • Add a list of available IP addresses on your network
    • e.g.

Next step is to install NC in a separate machine.

To verify if your NC is VT enabled, run the following.

You should receive a response as  below by running “egrep ….”.







Other links that help you understand to install CC are

See ya for now. Next blog will talk on my NC install and how i fixed the separate issues.

Keep watching, it will start talking what I want to achieve in Appzoo lab (ie. why am i building it ?)


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